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Weichai Power

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Weichai Power Limited by Share Ltd (HK2338, SZ000338) was founded in 2002 by Weichai Group Holdings Limited as the main sponsor, combined with domestic and foreign investors to create a Chinese is the internal combustion engine industry first listed H shares in Hongkong company, is also the first foreign China return to the mainland A shares to listed companies. The total assets of the company are 164 billion yuan, and there are 42 thousand people in the world (excluding Kay proud). In 2016, the sales revenue of the enterprises was 93 billion 180 million yuan and the total profit was 4 billion 640 million yuan, and it was ranked seventy-ninth in the top 500 of the Chinese enterprises in 2016.

The company always adhere to the operation strategy of product management, capital operation of the driving wheel, is committed to creating the most cost, technology and quality of the three core competitive products, successfully build the powertrain (engine, gearbox and axle), a new pattern of vehicle machine hydraulic control and auto parts joint development of four major industrial sectors the formation of the national automobile industry's most complete, most competitive industrial chain, with the construction machinery industry's core technology and product development, has become the most comprehensive strength China automobile and equipment manufacturing industry of a group.

At present, the company has formed a Weifang as the center of the whole series of power industry base, with Xi'an as the center of the heavy vehicle and driving system of industrial base, large power engine as the center of Chongqing and light vehicle industry base, with Zhuzhou as the center of the automotive electronics and auto parts industry base, with Yangzhou as the center of the mini automobile power industrial base. Among them, "Weichai Power Engine" "fast transmission" hande axle "amount" and other brands in the country are in a market leading position, the formation of brand cluster effect. In September 3, 2012, the company and the world's leading manufacturer of industrial forklift and hydraulic technology global leader - Germany KION Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the enterprise core technology directly into the world leading level, completely changed China's long-term dependence on imports of high-end hydraulic products situation. In June 2016, the company's overseas subsidiaries Kion group's acquisition of a wholly-owned global logistics supplier Dema Taco (Dematic) the entire equity company, to become a global leader in intelligent logistics solutions, the company to further expand the global market especially the North American business layout, regional and business diversification, further enhance the anti risk ability.

The company has the industry's only enterprise of State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability and modernization of the national enterprise technology center and the domestic first-class product test center, with "postdoctoral workstation", in the United States, Europe, and Weifang, Shanghai, Chinese Chongqing, Yangzhou, Xi'an and other places to establish a research and development center, to ensure that the technical level of enterprises always keep up with the world advanced. Relying on the world's leading research and development platform, the enterprise has undertaken and participated in the 22 national science and technology support program, international cooperation programs, research projects and 7 major projects at the provincial level, product and technology licensing patent 2489, hosted and participated in the national and industry standards 65. In 2016, the company developed the WP9H WP10H engine, high-end market successfully, with 1 million 800 thousand km /3 million hours set the highest speed heavy-duty engine life standard, the interpretation of the "core needs of users, reliable and durable", the company has become an important force to promote the industry structure adjustment and technology to high-end forward.

The company has won several major national awards. In 2007, the company won the national quality award. In 2011, "WP10/WP12 series heavy-duty high-speed engines and key technologies" won the first prize in science and technology progress of Chinese machinery industry, which changed the history of China's internal combustion engine industry without the award. In 2013, the key technology and industrialization of heavy-duty high speed diesel engine was awarded the two prize of national science and technology progress, which broke the monopoly of foreign technology for heavy duty high speed diesel engine.

Weichai Power in the domestic industry took the lead through the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, established in the country consists of more than 5000 special maintenance service center service network in the overseas built 243 service stations, the products are exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and other more than 110 countries and regions.

Company chairman Tan Xuguang was elected the ten, eleven, twelve National People's Congress, won the National Labor Medal "," national model worker "," national outstanding entrepreneur "," ten wealth leader "," fourth Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Award "," equipment Chinese meritorious entrepreneurs "," 2011 China ten innovative character "and" China outstanding quality "and the honorary title, and in 2005 and 2010 was named" China economic figures "annual CCTV, now serves as China Federation of industrial economics, chairman of the presidium China Enterprise Federation China Entrepreneurs Association vice president, China Machinery Industry Federation vice president, China engine industry association.

Weichai Power to "green power, international Weichai" for the mission, with "customer satisfaction" for the purpose of forming a "responsibility, communication, tolerance" enterprise culture. The vision of the company is to take the whole vehicle as the leader and take the power system as the core to become the world leading, core technology and sustainable development international industrial equipment enterprise group.