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Weichai Heavy Machinery

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Weichai heavy machinery Limited by Share Ltd listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in 1998 (stock abbreviation: Weichai heavy machine code: SZ000880). In 2006, Weichai Group Holdings Limited of Weichai heavy machinery Limited by Share Ltd, a major reorganization of assets, operating assets in the medium speed diesel engine and power generation equipment manufacturing and other excellent, became the controlling shareholder of the company.

At present, the company is the most full range of Chinese products, the widest coverage of power and the most widely used power and generator set suppliers in the field of application. The company specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling marine power and power generation equipment market, using 30-12000 horsepower medium and high speed diesel engines, generating units and power integration system, taking into account the operation of diesel engine parts, marine gearbox matching and other industries.

6160A type diesel engine production company won the national silver medal of quality, social ownership reached more than 100 thousand; since 1993 the company developed 170 series diesel engine, and has won the certification CCS, Korea KR, Chinese France BV, RS of Russia and other countries; the company production of CW200/250 series diesel engine is developed by the design and manufacture of the new a generation of products based on similar models to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology and has the advantages of high reliability, good economy and convenient maintenance; since 2008, the company introduced the MAN 27/38 series, 32/40 series, 21/31 series, 16/24 series of high-power medium speed marine diesel engine, power range will be gradually extended to 12000 hp. The company has become the only company in China that has a full range of marine power series medium speed products, and has established a complete system of diesel motor power products.

The company has perfect quality assurance system, adhering to the quality policy of full participation, continuous improvement to create a well-known brand of weichai. In 1996, the company took the lead in the certification of ISO9001 quality management system in the same industry in China. The company's diesel generating set passed the national communication special power unit certification in 2004. In 2005, it passed the plateau certification of the national internal combustion engine generating unit quality supervision and inspection center and the CE certification of Rhine center of Germany. In 2011 the company acquired equipment contractor qualification certification, GB/T24001, GB/T28001 environment / occupation health and safety management system certification, in 2012 won the "quality trustworthy enterprise" honorary title.

The company has excellent upstream supplier resources and global terminal customer resources. The company has established long-term supply relationship with ELWOOD, WOODWARD and other world-famous engine parts manufacturers, ensuring the reliability of products and powertrain accessories. The company has established long-term cooperative relationship with end customers such as China National Offshore Oil Corporation and China Changjiang Shipping Group, so as to maintain the stability and long-term nature of the product market.

The company domestic ship electricity business within the jurisdiction of a total of more than 300 service stations, covering the area of Chinese inland, coastal and inland main islands, and lakes, the formation of a "Weichai products, there is Weichai service" all-weather, all terrain service network. The company has set up more than 100 maintenance stations abroad and set up an overseas distribution center to form a perfect international service network.