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Yaxing Vehicle

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In China, focus on the bus more than 60 years of manufacturing companies, only Yaxing, not one.

As Chinese bus and bus open Chinese dream practitioner, from the beginning of the birth of the first car Yaxing Yaxing, has been accompanied by China automobile industry has experienced more than half a century, and created a number of first China bus industry. The first car, the first car professional coach JT663 JT6970, features of the sleeper car first rear passenger car chassis, JS6970H vehicle sales record, the first Airbus JS6820 saving rate of the new energy bus, JS6126GHEV YBL6125H, the first best highway bus reaches EPA2010 standard and exported to the United States of the luxury bus......

After Weichai group entered the Yaxing, make full use of Weichai in technology research and development, marketing and service network at home and abroad and other advantages, strengthen cooperation and Weichai strategy, to enhance the overall competitiveness of yaxing.



Yaxing now has two production bases in Yangzhou and Xiamen. Xiamen base mainly produces high-tech, new energy, hybrid electric bus, pure electric bus and euro five low emission luxury bus, and its products are exported to developed countries such as Europe, America and Australia. Yangzhou base, the expansion and production in August 2013, production capacity of nearly thirty thousand units, with the domestic first-class passenger car production line and product research and development test room.

Yaxing products have passed the ISO9001 quality certification, the national 3C certification, Australia ADR certification, DOT certification and ECE certification in Europe, and the United Nations procurement supplier qualification.

Yaxing not only best-selling domestic and exported to North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and other places, at home and abroad has more than 500 distributors and service outlets to ensure customer service, to provide integrated services network for users.

As the "China bus dream" of practice, as the name China to Yaxing bus passenger burden, put forward innovative "star standard", and invested heavily to build WertStar series of high-end passenger bus, let the world map center, is no longer a european.

In the future, Yaxing to "provide first-class public transportation life" for the global mission; with global vision and provide customers with passenger solutions; relying on group cooperative competition advantage, achieve the goal of growing bigger and stronger, to achieve social value, create value for customers, the grand blueprint for the development of staff value the.

The new open bus Chinese Yaxing debut, "the star of future"!