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After-sale service

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Network security
1, Weichai Yaxing (Yangzhou) new energy commercial vehicles in 34 the number of authorized service providers nationwide, covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions, 264 cities and 1543 counties.
2, Weichai Yaxing (Yangzhou) new energy commercial innovation to "service vehicle" (special maintenance equipment, also known as: mobile maintenance station) active site inspection repair service mode, allows you to stay at home can enjoy the service.
4 hour service phone and service response
1, Weichai Yaxing (Yangzhou) new energy vehicle set up 400 toll free hotline, 24 hours ,a day can accept your advice, complaints, repair (400-828-0870), and the authorized service provider to the public 24 hours hotline, ensure that all can get support and help you at any time and any difficulties place.
2, Weichai Yaxing (Yangzhou) new energy vehicle is established with the authorized service provider, customer service service department and the Department for customer service platform service three rapid response mechanism, to provide 24 hours a full range of security services for you.
technical support
1, the authorized service provider in personnel through Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing new energy
2, Weichai Yaxing (Yangzhou) new energy vehicle set up a special technical support hotline (technical hotline: 0514-87705351), technical problems at any time to answer the process of maintenance and repair; at the same time, Weichai (Yangzhou) on-site emergency rescue teams Yaxing technical support of new energy vehicle customer service service department was established, on the above method still can not be solved organization of company maintenance experts to the scene to guide maintenance.