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Weichai Heavy Machinery Technology Center won the provincial-level enterprise technology center

Recently, according to the relevant requirements of the "Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center Management Measures", the expert review, Weichai Heavy Machinery Technology Center was identified as the twenty-fourth batch of provincial-level enterprise technology center in Shandong Province. This is the second time that the heavy machinery company won the honorary title of "Shandong R & D and Manufacturing Base of Offshore Fishing Vessel Key Equipment", "Shandong Peninsula Marine Power Equipment Industry Alliance" and "Honor and Qualification of Weifang Marine Power Equipment Innovation Center" An authoritative recognition.

Since its establishment, Weichai Heavy Machinery Technology Center has focused on the research and development of a full range of medium-speed marine engine power products and has achieved a series of scientific research achievements. The research strength and R & D qualification continue to improve, boosting the enterprises to become the most complete product series in China, Wider power coverage, the most widely used marine power and generator set supplier.

The acquisition of the honorary title of Shandong Enterprise Technology Center is not only the affirmation of the capability of technological innovation by the relevant provincial government departments but also provides a broad platform for the future scientific research of Weichai Heavy Machinery Company. Weichai Heavy Machinery Technology Center will further increase investment in research and development in accordance with relevant requirements of the Group Company, strengthen the cooperation between personnel and industry, universities and research institutes, improve the organizational structure and operation mechanism of technological innovation, continuously enhance the capability of independent innovation, Improve product competitiveness to provide strong technical support.