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Weichai Power won the "2017 Weifang City Standard Innovation Contribution Award"

Recently, the product standard Q / 0700WCG131 "WP10 Series Diesel Engine" formulated by Weichai Power won the first prize of Weifang Standard Innovation Contribution.

Weifang Standard Innovation Contribution Award is to recognize the units that have made outstanding contributions in the standardization work, to promote the enthusiasm and creativity of the whole society in standardization work, and to speed up the standardization in popularization, application and deep integration in all fields of economy and society. As the first selection in 2017, Weichai Power relies on Q / 0700WCG131 "WP10 series diesel engine" enterprise standard high technical level, advanced indicators, WP10 series diesel engine huge economic and social benefits, the first to obtain the only one Weifang City First prize.