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Study and implement the Nineteenth Congress | Weichai in action


New Era, New Era, Report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Planning a New Future for China's Equipment Manufacturing Industry. As a leader in China's equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai Group set off a wave of learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress.
Weichai people "chase" Nineteen report

From the autumn windy kite land to the snowy Belarus, from bright and spacious offices to rumble production workshops, Weichai people all over the world are delivering the sound of the 19 major, inspired by the spirit of 19 . Weichai employees all over the world are taking full advantage of their enthusiasm and high spirits to push their sleeves to work hard, to embark on a new journey and write new glories.
Weichai's overseas business where to go, the party's organization built to where

Weichai Group opened the global business territory, as long as the Weichai people, there must be party members and cadres, there must be "19th Congress" voice.