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Weichai thoroughly implement the spirit of learning to write a new chapter in the development of the nineteenth

A new blueprint is drawn up in the new era, inspiring; new ideas lead a new journey, and it is not too late. The 19-party report pointed out the direction for building a well-off society in an all-round way and for seizing the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. It also planned a new future for China's equipment manufacturing industry. In the past few days, everything from the kite flying in the autumn winds to the snow-drifting Belarus in the winter and the loud and spacious offices to the rumble production workshop are all inspiring the nineteen-strong voices and are all inspired by the spirit of the Nineteenth Report. . The 80,000 Weichai employees all over the world are now working on their new journey and writing new glories with more enthusiasm and more high spirits.
On October 21, during the 19th CPC National Congress, Weichai Group held a mobilization meeting for "donating 19 billion yuan to spurt 200 billion yuan." At the meeting, Chairman Tan Xuguang called on all staff and resolutely implemented the spirit of the 19, Seize the opportunity to redouble our efforts and strive to 200 billion target sprint, across the world top 500, create new glories.

On the morning of October 22, Chairman Tan Xuguang also presided over the meeting of the president of Weichai Power and concentrated on studying the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party and demanded that we profoundly study and understand the spirit of the 19th National Congress and strive to make a new journey in the process of building a powerful socialist modernization country In the first to become an international strong, with the most outstanding achievements, to the party's 19 big gift.

Weichai workshop in the production is even more in full swing in sight. Production line at full capacity, front-line staff are toward the engine's goal sprint. The new era of Chinese industry is beginning to move forward to us; the dream of a powerful nation in Chinese manufacturing industry will be realized through the unremitting efforts of generations of industrial workers. Feng Jianxin, deputy director of Weichai Power Factory No. 1, said: "The major judgment made by the general secretary in making socialism with Chinese characteristics in the 19 th CPC Congress has entered a new era and sent us the order to march into a new era and open a new journey, As the representative of China's equipment manufacturing industry, we must brave the historical mission entrusted by the times and contribute to building a manufacturing powerhouse. "

The "Belt and Road Initiative" has brought opportunities to the countries along the route. The 19-nation report proposes to actively promote international cooperation in the "Belt and Road". Weichai exports from general trade to exporting products and capital to exporting technologies and brands In the "Belt and Road" economic zone, a globalized operation prototype was set up. In September this year, the Weichai Maz Joint Venture Company was formally established and the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Zhongbai Industrial Park. Into Weichai Global Operations Center, on the big screen, as far away as Belarus Hu Haihua is discussing the project with the center. The young "post 80s" is the chief representative of Weichai in Belarus. Through the big screen, Hu Haihua interviewed by reporters. He said that the government put forward the "Belt and Road Initiative," which has created more opportunities for development for the enterprises. In Russia, Germany, France, Italy and other countries, Weichai or mergers and acquisitions, or the establishment of a new company, enterprises have increased their training of international personnel. Hu Haihua said: "We are far away from the motherland, but we are concerned about the motherland every day. Here, our team must honor First Prize for Weichai and give a gift to the 19th CPC National Congress."