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Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing New energy Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd to Study Chairman Tan's important speech

Recently, the company organized a cadre meeting above middle-level to convey, study and implement the spirit of Chairman Tan's important speech at the group informatization meeting and the start-up mobilization meeting of the full-scale budget. Chairman Tan's speech to build a house, the company leadership attaches great importance to profoundly understand the spirit of the speech, according to the speech with the company's actual situation, research layout specific work to ensure that the spirit of the implementation of the actual
In the era of big data, the construction of informatization level is affecting the transformation of the management methods of various companies. Under the guidance of the group, the company has always attached great importance to informationization in recent years and is now accelerating the construction of information OA office and ERP projects , Has completed the operation of relevant departments training, entered a comprehensive test and verification phase to ensure the accuracy of the data.
Overall budget is to guide the company's work throughout the year, the main line and direction of the mobilization meeting in the full budget speech, chairman of the company clearly put forward to the company in 2018  sales budget targets. All staff of the Company from top to bottom will earnestly implement the plan. In order to 2018, the company will sell budget assessment indicators for 2018 and deploy in a down-to-earth manner to strengthen the implementation of various safeguards and strive to complete all annual budget targets.
In 2017, due to the change of market demand due to the adjustment of national new energy policy, the Company implemented the product transformation in time and is currently in the difficult and crucial moment of market development. We will take the important speech of Chairman Tan as guidance and firm confidence , Bravely to meet the challenge, take the initiative to overcome difficulties, master the advantages of big data, based on the information age, continuous improvement, improve product performance, open up new markets for the company to achieve a successful transition, sustained and healthy development of the challenge!

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