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China Industry News | Do not forget to start with the party go Weichai full sprint 200 billion

Recently, with the China Federation of Industrial Economics organized by the author of "Nineteenth National Industrial Enterprise Tribune" research group into Weichai. As soon as we stepped into Weichai Group's bright and spacious No.1 and No.2 factories, the author saw that many employees wear the party emblem or the emblem on their chests, and are busy assembling various kinds of engines on the engine with the help of intelligent robots in the assembly line Parts.

Accompanying the staff, the first three quarters of this year, Weichai consolidated operating income of 162.9 billion yuan, an increase of 83%, creating a record high, is expected to reach 200 billion yuan revenue target three years in advance.
The achievement of this great achievement has always been closely linked with maintaining a highly consistent position with the party since Weichai implemented the "three-three" reform in 1998. Wang Yong, deputy party secretary of Weichai Group and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, said that including the reform of the modern enterprise system implemented in 1998 and the scientific and technological innovation drive in Weichai in recent years, the layout of the "Belt and the Road" Promote the development of highly compatible.

In the production line to the party

Weichai Group into the No. 1, No. 2 factories, in an article of the intelligent production line, the workers are nervously busy. Everyone is using their own practical actions to present their gifts to the party with high-end products and excellent services.

In the just past National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, "Double Festival", Weichai all production lines are running at full capacity. I understand that Weichai to sprint 200 billion as a revenue target, the actual work of the salute to the party.

In workshop No. 2, Wang Yuejun, vice minister of propaganda department of Weichai Party Committee, told the author that Weichai Group made every effort to take an exemplary role in party members' deeds by establishing model posts for party members and making membership cards so as to take practical actions To express the firm determination of the party loving the party to always walk with the party.

Not only in the workshop, the entire Weichai Group's business development to where the party organization built to where. In the video broadcast on the big screen of Weichai Global Operations Center, Hu Haihua, the general manager of the MAZ project of Weichai Zhongbai (China-Belarus) cooperation, said in an interview with the media that the "One Belt and One Road Initiative" proposed by the state gives enterprises more opportunities for development . Hu Haihua said: "We are far away from our motherland, but we are paying attention to the motherland every day. Here, our team must give top honors to Weifang and offer our gift to the 19 th CPC National Congress."

At present, Weichai's overseas business accounts for more than 40% of the total, and its strategic business covers the whole world. In this regard, the company has set up a special branch of the overseas marketing party and set up six overseas branches in Germany, Linde, Weichai, North America, France, Baudouin, Italy.

Do not forget early heart to go with the party

In fact, the ups and downs of 71 years Weichai business history, is a history of entrepreneurship under the leadership of the party, but also a forgetfulness of the beginning with the party's history.

In 1946, Weichai in Weihai was an arming enterprise under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party! 1948 factory moved to Weifang Fangzi, production of products in the offshore fishing and inland shipping market share once reached 80%! However, with the tide of reform and opening up, Weichai went to the verge of bankruptcy just like most state-owned enterprises at that time. According to statistics, from 1996 to 1998, Weichai owed interest, owed taxes, owed money for up to 300 million yuan, and workers did not pay their wages in six months. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1998, Tan Xuguang was on the verge of death, giving everyone a boost at the Weichai Thousand People Conference: Weifang will not be expelled as long as the confidence is immortal!

Tan Xuguang then put forward "three chapters of appointees" to leading cadres of enterprises and enterprises to implement the "three-three system" reform. After 6 years, Weichai contrarian rise, and in 2004 achieved sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan!

It has been through that period of history that the difficulties that Weichai was facing were almost all the old state-owned enterprises that had suffered at that time. Tan Xuguang's "three chapters of the Covenant on Judaism" gave full play to the party's important role. In particular, the three key words of "dare to dare to dare to dare to dare," "really hardworking," "honest and clean" were highly consistent with the Party's requirements. Later "Covenant three chapter" by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Central Propaganda Department, SASAC fully affirmed and, as a typical promotion in the country.

In recent years, the state has promulgated the "Made in China 2025". Its main contents are as follows: Focusing on smart manufacturing, vigorously develop new-generation industries such as information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing.

Weichai Power also became the first short-listed company in the internal combustion engine industry among the first batch of smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects announced by MIIT. In the words of Tan Xuguang, the rapid development of Weichai in the past few years has benefited from the transformation and upgrading, and the future outlet has also been nurtured in the new transformation and upgrading.

It is not hard to see the history of Weichai. Weichai seized the opportunity of the great reform of China's reform and the great development of China's equipment manufacturing industry in recent years. Whether it is structural adjustment of enterprises, product innovation, going out along the Belt and Road, implementing overseas mergers and acquisitions, Weichai has always insisted that the party's unswerving leadership over state-owned enterprises and its consistent high degree of consistency with the Central Party Committee have become the fundamental reason for the rapid development of Weichai.

Towards a new journey

During the convening of the 19 th National Congress of the CPC, Weichai Group held a mobilization meeting at the headquarters to "carry forward the new theory and move toward a new journey - Weichai Group delivered its 19th congress and spurt 200 billion yuan."

Tan Xuguang said at the conference that General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the ideological system of a new era, new theory, new goal and new journey in his report and is a global, strategic and forward-looking action program guiding future development. In particular, we proposed deepening supply-side structural reforms, accelerating the building of a powerful nation and speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing industries, pointing out a direction for Weichai to open up a new era and move toward a new journey.

Tan Xuguang called on all the staff and workers of Weichai at the conference to resolutely implement the spirit of the 19 NPC, seize the opportunity and make persistent efforts to spur the goal of 200 billion yuan to cross the world's top 500 to create new glories and strive to build socialism In the new journey of a modern and powerful nation, the first to become an international strong enterprise.

In 2017, Weichai Group made great achievements and leapfrogged development. In the first three quarters, the Group realized a total revenue of 162.9 billion yuan, an increase of 83% over the previous year and creating a record high. At present, Weichai has become a global industrial equipment enterprise group that takes the whole vehicle and complete machine as the leading force and the powertrain as the core to become the leading, core technology and sustainable development in the world.

Needless to say, today's Weichai has not only Weifang, Shandong Weichai, but also China and the world Weichai. Weichai, which has completed the global industrial layout, built a strategic pattern of coordinated development of the six business segments of automobile business, construction machinery, power system, intelligent logistics, luxury yachts and financial services.