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Appearance concept
Comfortable space: cockpit seat, large interior space
Powerful: Weichai European Core high-capacity iron phosphate power batteries, are equipped with high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor + intelligent motor controller, power output is stable and efficient, the maximum power 150kW. Stable and safe performance, battery box waterproof, fireproof, leakproof, anti-collision, waterproof grade reached the highest civil and international standards IP67, power system 24-hour remote monitoring.
Ultra-Low Power Consumption: With energy-efficient energy recovery system and power-follow-mode motor drive system, energy costs can be significantly reduced.
Green power: purely electric drive, zero emissions, the use of 500,000 km 5 years.
Charging program: Using 60kW DC charger for fast charge, 50kWh power only 2 hours to fill, efficient and quick. At the same time optional 30kW / 50kW / 60kW / 75 & nbsp; kW gun series charger, to meet different customer charging needs.
Model YBL6810GBEV
Basic Parameters Dimension (mm) 8110* 2000 * 2705/2840/2935
Seats 35/10-23座
Standard number of seats 14
Curb quality 4250
The maximum total mass 6750
Max speed(km/h ) 69
Driving Mileage (km) 323
Charging time(/h) 2.5
Motor placement / drive type Center / direct drive
Permanent magnet synchronous motor Type LXM120W150B
Rated power(Kw) 75
Peak power(Kw) 150
Rated torque( N.m ) 580
Max torque( N.m ) 1200
Battery Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Power(kwh) 92.24
Battery capacity (Ah) 156
Voltage(V) 591
Brake system Front disc / rear drum brake
Suspension system Front Macpherson independent /Rear leaf spring suspension
Tire 215/75R17.5
Standard specification Safety equipment
CAN-BUS diagnostics
Vehicle anti-theft
Parking radar
High position brake lamp
Driver airbag
driver seat with alarm
Exterior and interior
Standard painting (White)
Electric front and rear swing the door
Push-pull side windows
Crystal and halogen headlamps
Steel wheels
Comfort and convenience
Front electric windows
Electric turn, heating and signal integrated rearview mirror
Multifunction steering wheel
Driver's seat 8 is adjustable
Bus seat
Full frequency speaker
High-power front and rear cabin air conditioning (after the top air conditioning)
Front windshield defrost
Car ceiling lights
Passenger area stainless steel handrail
Folding remote control key(2)
Delay headlamps
Front fog lamp
Central lock
4 kg fire extinguisher x2
Optional specification Metal paint
Top LED electronic street signs
Digitally adjustable line card
Reporter + external speaker
Coin box
Credit card machine
MP5 + navigation + reverse video
Video surveillance system
Hard disk player
Leather steering wheel
Battery heating system
Emergency escape window system
Car advertising light boxes
Electric ventilator safety sunroof
Stainless steel trash can
Stainless steel wheel trim cover
After the warm air
Battery automatic fire extinguishing system
Note:●:for standard spec. ○:for optional spec.—:No such configuration
Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
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