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During December 18 to December 28, Weichai Power of Shangdong Heavy Industry launched a new product exhibition which theme is “NEW POWER, NEW WEICHAI, NEW LEAP” in Jinan, Shandong. And Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing New Energy Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. showed 5.9m Weichi Eurise Van and 7.5m Weichi Eurise Van at this exhibition. On December 23, we heled the 2018 business meeting named with “New Strategy, New Leap”, company leaders shared our development strategy, product R&D, and sales marketing program with customers from all over the country and some key accounts Nearly 100 people showed great interest at the meeting.
With rich experience in researching and developing commercial vehicles and prototype vehicle trial production, product models of Weichai Eurise Van are getting more and more rational now. Different lengths of Weichai Eurise Van are introduced to the public after the success in selling 5.9m diesel model van and electric model van. In order to cater to the trend of bus industry, buses which have smaller size and less seats are more popular to the customers. And Weichai Eurise Van has its own charm to the whole light passenger vehicles industry. These 2 vehicles we showed in the exhibition both equipped with Weichai RA425 Engine, Zhuzhou Gear transmission, these make our vehicles more powerful with less fuel consumption for the golden powertrain of Weichai Group. The electric swing door structure and enhanced luggage area are more comfortable and more humanized to the customers. We aim to catch each customer’s demand so that we can satisfy the whole vehicles industry.
In 2017, The demand for the vehicles market changed a lot for the reason of the new national energy policy. Weichai (Yangzhou) New Energy Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. had implement product transformation in time. Now, we are researching the traditional energy type of vehicles and new energy type of vehicles at the same time. Researching and developing new energy type of commercial vehicles will be a major work in the future. We will provide customers more professional and more economical vehicles with a superior quality, perfect performance, attentive service and excellent safety. We are supposed to be a new force in the light passenger vehicles industry for realizing the leapfrog development in the competitive market.