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On January 27th, a heavy snowy day, Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. organized a symposium on technical personnel. All the technicians expressed their opinions freely, and give out their own ideas and rational suggestions about technology, business and management. The leaders of our company attended the forum and hear ideas from the technicians.
General manager Wang Chunding pointed out there are 4 major existing problems in our company: flawed management system, ill-considered technical planning, unclear responsibilities on Automobile Research Institute and inadequate personnel capacity. Trying to solve these problems is the focus of our work in 2018, including establish incentive and appraisal mechanism with combining technical personnel, sales, product projects, cost decreasing and technological innovation. Technicians will get more reasonable salary instead of equalitarianism. To adapt to the trend of commercial vehicle developing market, we will improve our unique model of 7.5m Weichai Eurise Van and make the vehicle into a classic commercial vehicle of Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Mr. Tan, the chairman of Weichai Group, held a symposium on technical personnel in Yangzhou region on August 5, 2017. All the company leaders attached great importance to implement the spirit of the president's speech after the meeting, To build a better innovative platform for technicians, a series of measures to strengthen the construction of technical personnel were adopted. The symposium was a summary of the previous work. It's also an ideological collision between managers and technicians. Gathering different ideas and enhancing enterprise cohesion to create a brighter future of Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd.